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Roof repair & roof replacement contractor in North Tonawanda

Klaus Roofing Systems of Western New York LLC. is dedicated to providing quality customer care and roofing services to homeowners in North Tonawanda and nearby in New York. We even offer a 50-year warranty for leak repairs on roof replacements and installations! If you have a damaged roof, missing shingles, roof leaks, or are in need of a full roof replacement, schedule your free estimate today with Klaus Roofing Systems of Western New York LLC.!

Roofing services in North Tonawanda:

  • Roof Replacement
  • Roof Repair
  • Hail & Wind Damage Repair
  • Emergency Roof Repair
  • Roof Inspection
  • And More!

Professional gutter installation in North Tonawanda, NY

The gutter system is your home's first line of defense against rain and water damage. But if you're constantly dealing with sagging, leaky, or clogged gutters, then your water management system can be leaving the roof, landscaping, foundation, and home interior vulnerable.

That is why Klaus Roofing Systems of Western New York LLC. provides gutters built with premium-grade aluminum and proven to never bend under heavy weight or pull away from your home. The sleek design is guaranteed to never clog from debris, so you never have to climb up a ladder to clean again!

Protect your home with a gutter system that will outlast the rest! Schedule a free gutter installation estimate today in North Tonawanda, NY.

Job Stories From North Tonawanda, NY
New Gutters in North Tonawanda, NY!

Rosa and Miguel Torres were proud of their beautiful home, yet frustrated with their old, failing gutters. Klaus Roofing Systems of WNY installed the RainDrop GutterGuard system, ensuring that their gutters would remain free-flowing and maintenance-free. The Torres family was impressed with the seamless installation and the enhanced curb appeal of their home.

Roof Replacement in North Tonawanda, NY!

The Alvarez family’s stately home had stood the test of time, but its roof had not. With leaks and missing shingles, it was time for a change. Klaus Roofing Systems of WNY stepped in, providing a full roof replacement that not only matched the home’s vintage charm but also offered cutting-edge protection. The Alvarez family was overjoyed to see their home restored to its former glory.

Joanna's New Beginnings: A Roof Over Dreams

Joanna’s New Beginnings: A Roof Over Dreams


When Joanna purchased her charming two-story home, she knew it was the start of a new chapter. However, the aging roof and worn-out gutters were a concern that needed immediate attention. Determined to protect her investment, Joanna reached out to Klaus Roofing Systems of Western NY for a full tear-off roof replacement and new gutter installation.


The team at Klaus Roofing Systems understood the importance of a sturdy and reliable roof. They worked meticulously, ensuring every shingle was perfectly placed and every gutter seamlessly aligned. As they transformed Joanna’s roof from a state of disrepair to a work of art, her anxiety turned into admiration.

The result was nothing short of spectacular. The new roof and gutters not only enhanced the home’s aesthetic but also provided the security and peace of mind Joanna sought. She watched in awe as her house was reborn, its resilience against the elements restored.


Joanna’s satisfaction was evident in her glowing review. She praised the professionalism, craftsmanship, and attention to detail that Klaus Roofing Systems brought to her project. Her home, once a source of worry, now stood proudly, a testament to the quality work of a team she trusted.


For Joanna, it wasn’t just about the new roof or gutters; it was about the assurance that her home could weather any storm. Thanks to Klaus Roofing Systems, she could look forward to many happy years under the roof that safeguarded her dreams.