Steep Roofs Are No Challenge For The KRS Of WNY Installation Crews

When was the last time that you thought about the slope of the roof on your home? When there was snow and ice that you were worried about falling off of it? We think about the slopes on your roof constantly because we work with the different angles that make up roofs daily.

Kamper Ave 1

This roof that we recently worked on in Buffalo, NY is a fantastic example of how one home can have mulitple slopes on the same roof. Shown here with the old shingles that we needed to take off before we installed the new ones, this roof looks tired and discolored. Over time the sun will naturally fade the shingles and shadows caused by trees or areas like the dormer window can cause the roof to fade unevenly.  There could also be problems with ice forming by the dormer window if the roof isn't installed properly.

Kamper Ave 2

Our KRS Crews work methodicly to strip the old shingles from the roof before applying a new roof to your home. We do not apply a roof over an existing roof.  And the crews are experts at working around areas like the satellite dish that is currently attached to the roof. The team will teather themselves to achor points to keep themselves safe on a steep pitch like this roof has. 

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