Testimonials for Klaus Roofing Systems of Western New York LLC.

Klaus Roofing Systems of WNY has consistently shown their dedication to customer satisfaction by providing top-notch solutions for all roofing needs. Recently, they encountered a challenge when a customer approached them with an outdated roof and deteriorated soffit. Understanding the importance of a well-maintained roof, Klaus Roofing Systems swiftly proposed a comprehensive solution - a full roof replacement along with the installation of a new soffit.  With their expertise and attention to detail, Klaus Roofing Systems tackled the project with utmost professionalism and efficiency. The customer was delighted with the outcome as the new roof not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of their property but also provided long-lasting durability and protection from the elements. Moreover, the newly installed soffit effectively improved ventilation and added an extra touch of elegance to the overall appearance. The customer's satisfaction was evident in their glowing feedback, emphasizing how Klaus Roofing Systems had successfully brought new life to their home. The team's commitment to excellence and their ability to exceed expectations undoubtedly left a lasting positive impression on the customer. It is clear that Klaus Roofing Systems of WNY takes immense pride in their work and consistently strives to deliver exceptional results.
Mark C. of Cheektowaga, NY
Friday, June 30th
Tyler Corica was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I was very pleased with our meeting and will be going ahead with my roof replacement!
Annette C. of Buffalo, NY
Monday, August 7th
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Klaus Roofing Systems of WNY proved their exceptional commitment to customer satisfaction when they came to the aid of a customer facing the challenge of a severely damaged garage roof due to inclement weather. Understanding the urgency of the situation, Klaus Roofing Systems swiftly offered a solution through a full roof replacement installation. The customer was delighted to witness the remarkable expertise and professionalism demonstrated by the team throughout the entire process. Not only did Klaus Roofing Systems deliver exceptional results, but they also ensured the customer's utmost contentment with the outcome. 
Nick D. of Buffalo, NY
Friday, June 30th
Inspector was very friendly.
Kevin V. of Yorkshire, NY
Tuesday, August 22nd
We LOVE our new roof!
Mike J. of Sardinia, NY
Friday, May 3rd
Roof inspector was very nice.
Nick L. of Bliss, NY
Wednesday, December 28th
Heartfelt thanks to the professionals at Klaus Roofing Systems of WNY.
Lila M. of Chaffee, NY
Wednesday, September 14th
I’m truly grateful for the dedication of the team at Klaus Roofing Systems of WNY.
Ellen C. of Arcade, NY
Tuesday, September 13th
Klaus Roofing Systems of Western NY truly exceeded my expectations with their roofing estimate experience. The level of detail and professionalism they brought to the table was second to none. They took the time to explain every aspect of the process, ensuring I understood the value and quality behind their work. The estimate was thorough and transparent, leaving no room for surprises. I’m thoroughly impressed with their approach and can’t wait to see the final result. A top-notch service that I would recommend to anyone!
Jake D. of Springville, NY
Friday, April 12th
Deep appreciation for Klaus Roofing Systems of WNY’s attention to detail.
Zoe Y. of Gainesville, NY
Tuesday, September 20th
Grace R. of East Concord, NY
Monday, August 22nd
Heartfelt thanks to the entire team at Klaus Roofing Systems of WNY for the exceptional new roof!
Leon K. of Glenwood, NY
Monday, September 11th
The roofing crew was excellent!
Nancy W. of Glenwood, NY
Wednesday, April 12th
Cheers to the Klaus Roofing team for their hard work and excellent results.
Harlan M. of North Java, NY
Tuesday, August 16th
Immense appreciation for the hardworking office staff at Klaus Roofing Systems—thank you!
Bruce R. of Java Center, NY
Monday, August 21st
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